20 of the Best Career Paths for High School Seniors 2017

The world is changing very quickly. The top occupations 10 years ago have been replaced with a whole new list. What are the best career paths for students who want to find positions that can lead to success as adults? Roll your cursor over each box to learn the answer.


Occupations with the greatest opportunities for immediate employment in 2020, each requiring a 4 year college degree*1. Data Analysis2. Counseling and Therapy3. Computer Technology and Engineering4. Research- all fields5. Veterinary Medicine6. Healthcare and Medicine7. Environmental Science8. Finance and Investments9. Business Management and Administration10. Entrepreneurship and Small Business* Bureau of Labor Statistics; Brooking Institution, Washington DC

Outstanding careers with high salaries, each requiring a 2 year college degree or skills certification*1. Dental Hygienist2. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer3. Registered Nurse4. Website Developer5. Respiratory Therapist6. Cardiovascular Technologist7. Electrician8. Plumber9. Paralegal or Legal Assistant10. HVAC Technicians* Bureau of Labor Statistics; Brooking Institution, Washington DC

A BIGGER Approach to Educating Students = New Results

Education today is exciting and at the same time, a little overwhelming. Education is continuously changing – a different world than 1984 ... 1997 ... 2006. We have to prepare students for new technologies, new occupations and a lot of new innovation.


Yes, we still teach the basics - that’s the foundation of being educated. Learning just “the basics” used to be enough for good-paying jobs, but most of those positions no longer exist.


So, what are we doing to prepare students for a different world? We’re doing a lot of great things such as expanding the curriculum with programs that introduce new career opportunities in engineering design, digital electronics, business technology and biomedical innovation.


We are introducing new programs in the elementary grades to help students get on track quicker.  We are focusing on broadening technology skills at all grade levels.  We are expecting more from all students to better prepare them for the future.

There is so much more to tell!

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Did You Know...

There are lots of unique and interesting facts about life in Huber Heights City Schools. Each block below has a fun tidbit. Read the box then roll your cursor over it to learn the answer. Then come back soon for more !

Melissa  M.scored in the 99 percentile on theACT, a standardizedcollege admissionsexam. Only 19,589 students in the nation who took the testachieved that score.



A total of 396 employees live in Huber Heights. As residents, they raise their families in the community and contribute to the local economy.



The district’s wireless technology allows teachers and students to have internet access in all classrooms. A federal grant helped the district purchase 1,900 new Chromebooks (the newest computer with a Google operating system)


Building safety and security was considered when the new schools were built. In addition to cameras and locked doors that require “swipe cards” to enter, the City of Huber Heights provides resource officers as additional support.




A Wayne High Schoolstudent is in the top1% of 1,845,787high school studentsnationally with thisdistinction.




The number of Huber Heights City School District employees who live in Huber Heights might surprise you.




The leadership of the district is committed to improving technology skills of all students, from preschool to high school seniors.





One of the district’s highest priorities is one of the most important for all students and employees.

The New Experience

"Today we’re a better school district than most people think and we’re getting even better."

Susan Gunnell - Superintendent

There Are More Benefits To Music Than What You Hear

Top 10 Careers With Brightest Future

Top 10 Skilled Career Opportunities

Students of music learn craftsmanship as they study how details are put together to achieve a winning result. Like football and basketball, participating in the band enhances teamwork skills and discipline. All players must work together harmoniously towards

a single goal: a great performance!

•   140 band members

•   735 hours of practice per year per member

•   35 members in National Honor Society

•   99.99% graduation rate since 1999

Wayne High School Band offers all students a chance to learn a skill that can be enjoyed their entire lives. Regardless of the career path students choose, studies have shown tremendous benefits for those who participate in music classes. Typically students make better grades, score higher on standardized tests and are more likely to stay in school and graduate from high school.






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